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Dr. Tara Tobias is a board-certified neurologic physical therapist and an expert in neurologic rehabilitation. You deserve a specialist who understands neurologic injuries. Still not convinced? No need to worry, call today for a free consultation and let me explain the difference from the physical therapy clinic down the street.


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Why Choose Us for Neurologic Rehabilitation?

We understand how difficult it is to lose your independence due a Neurologic Disorder. We have brought back the personal touches that every patient deserves, and neuroplasticity (rewiring the brain and spinal cord) requires.  What exactly does this mean? Neuroplasticity requires repetitive practice; direct, hands-on feedback, and intensity.  Our high quality, one-on-one care, with a neurologic board certified specialist, use proven techniques designed to get you your life back.  By choosing Neurologic Physical Therapy Specialist you can expect immediate changes in your neurologic system,  an individualized treatment program, and a out-of-box approach.  More importantly, we believe that neurologic recovery can take years and we stay by your side until you achieve YOUR goals.

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We are NOT your general physical therapy clinic down the street.

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How do we rate in treating patients who have suffered a stroke and other neurologic conditions?

My daughter suffered a severe hemorrhagic stroke in February, 2016. She received 6 weeks of inpatient therapy, as well as months of outpatient therapy. She, unfortunately, suffered several falls and broken bones, and also developed severe spasticity of the left foot/ankle. I found Tara on the website around December of 2017 and called her about my daughter. She evaluated her and immediately began a vigorous treatment plan. We, at this time, were becoming quite discouraged and looking for hope. Now, just 6 months latter, the progress my daughter has made is beyond anything we could have imagined at the time we met Tara. Every session Tara works extremely hard, is focused and uses a great bedside manner to elicit results from her patient. She shares the joys of her patient and their family when improvements are made, and she shows great pride in her skills. Tara is the best physical therapist we have had the privilege of working with. When we began with Tara, my daughter was confined to a wheelchair, she now is able to get that left foot flat and walk with assistance. Tara also helped us secure a new brace that actually works. Also, my daughter loves going to her therapy. sessions!

Rose O'neil

“Tara is Awesome! She has helped my Mother stand and walk with assistance after having a major stroke last year. She is the most dedicated person in her profession. She is determined to see that her patients achieve the most they can and continue to strive to meet their goals. She has never given up hope for Mom and we don’t know what we would have done if we had not been introduced to her. Thank you so much Tara for your continued enthusiasm and support!”

Christine H.

“Tara is a great physical therapist. She thinks outside the box and is always inventing new ways to challenge my son and keep him progressing. She goes way above and beyond. We have been in many physical therapy environments over the years, and Tara has had the greatest impact on my son’s recovery. She has pushed him to new limits. He continues to improve and Tara continues to pour hope into him. He loves working with her and loves seeing the functional improvements in his life. We are so thankful for Tara’s practice and all she does for her patients”

Jan P.

How do we rate in treating spinal cord injury?

“Ms. Tobias has encouraged me to overcome my self-imposed limitations on my spinal cord injury, I have renewed confidence in my abilities. We worked hard, make no mistake. She took on my mission, I am beyond satisfied. After carefully planning each of my sessions, we worked at something new each and every time.”

Mary T.

“In 2014 I was in a boating accident which left me paralyzed from the chest down. I’m classified as a C4-C5 quadriplegic. When I first got out of inpatient therapy I was blessed to have Tara as my first outpatient physical therapist. She was extremely knowledgeable especially with SCI. I am a taller guy and I was concerned about people transferring me. Tara had no problem picking me up and passing me to the mat. She taught me so many different techniques to help me regain a sense of independence. Now two years later I live with roommates. I am trying to drive again, and re-integrating myself into the workforce. I definitely recommend her to be one of the best physical therapists I have ever had!”

Chris P.

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